It’s always a thrill to produce a fine photographic record of an outing. There’s plenty of room for creative expression in both the way we capture scenes and in the way we process them for presentation.

But there is another level of creative challenge which can take us well beyond our normal output.  It also takes a heck of a lot more work and time.  If you check out my Galleries page there are three examples of what I mean.  Just exactly how we might classify these works is open to debate.  Each of them tells a story.  The photographs rely on each other and their sequence.  And, in my case, they rely on the accompanying words as well.

In camera clubs these projects are often called ‘Portfolios’.  But I’m not sure that is any more descriptive of their true nature.  They are intended to convey a message or a story in a way that a single photograph does not.  As long as it’s essentially photographic you can tackle the project any way you like.  Lots of photographs or only a couple; it’s all OK.  Text and illustration may complement the work but they’re not essential. Mine have turned out to be illustrated books but that’s OK too.

The one thing I do know is that, once completed, these projects are the most satisfying thing you can do as a photographer.