Photo Rally

During the month of June, NCP ran this competition called a photo rally.  The idea was to create a triptych illustrating a range of locations or activities within the Olympic Park Precinct in Sydney.  Many of the event venues for the 2000 Olympics are here.  It’s an amazing place,

Well, I got a bit carried away and went there  many times.  But it paid off; I won the competition with these three images.  As is often the case, skies and a few untidy bits needed work in Photoshop.  It was a very satisfying outcome.

Unhappy Clowns


This was a bit of fun.  Last night at NCP, we had an assigned topic called ‘e-motion’.  The wide range of contributions showed just how imaginatively a single topic can be interpreted.

There were a number of animated gifs and this was mine.  There was no judging so I didn’t get another book 🙂

P.S. This version is actually a YouTube link.  It doesn’t loop like the gif does but you’ll still get the idea.





On a recent camera club outing a bird flew past and I took his picture.  Last night we all exhibited our best shots from that outing.  There were some lovely sunrises, rock formations, passing boats, breaking waves and illuminated buildings.  Plus one shot of a bird.

The very astute judge said she was ‘blown away by the bird picture.’  I got a book (on photography of course) and shook the President’s hand.

Funny how things turn out.




segway riders

Here’s a shot I’m quite happy with.  Except that it’s not finished.  It’s a photo of some people riding Segways down the road.  It was the middle of the day and the only thing I liked about the RAW image was the basic composition.  Then I had the idea to make a night scene.

Well a whole bunch of Photoshop (PS) stuff led to this.  Not too bad.  I called it ‘Segway To The Night’.  Very cute.  For a while I thought I was finished.  But a few helpful souls pointed out that I had a rather large black area begging for something to be done with it.  “But that’s the night,” was my first defensive reaction.  Yeh…well…maybe.  Try again.

So, that’s the work in progress

Take your time…

photo of an alarm clockThat’s the note-to-self for today.  Maybe even for the year.  With photography, near enough is never good enough.  There is always someone who sees the errors you make.  And that can only lead to embarrassment.  The other day, one of my entries at the monthly camera club comp had dust spots.  The judge noticed and then pointed them out…to the whole assembly.  Yikes!  How did that happen?

Inevitably, my errors can be traced to rushing things and to not being organized.  Which is why photographers love talking about ‘workflow’.  It is just a term for the way we go about things.

Getting up and going to work in the morning usually involves a workflow.  It’s the process.  The routine.  And it makes you efficient.  Simply follow the routine and you barely need to think about it.  Skip a step, or even do them in the wrong order, and you find you left your weekly ticket in the other suit.

Pilots have checklists, workers have morning routines and photographers have workflows.  It’s all pretty much the same thing.  Workflows can be improved and mine certainly needs it after that howler.  Fix the workflow, the routine, the process.  Then follow it. However long that takes is simply the time you have to take.  Break this rule at your peril.