Photo Rally

During the month of June, NCP ran this competition called a photo rally.  The idea was to create a triptych illustrating a range of locations or activities within the Olympic Park Precinct in Sydney.  Many of the event venues for the 2000 Olympics are here.  It’s an amazing place,

Well, I got a bit carried away and went there  many times.  But it paid off; I won the competition with these three images.  As is often the case, skies and a few untidy bits needed work in Photoshop.  It was a very satisfying outcome.

1 thought on “Photo Rally

  1. Hi John, this is the first time I have had a good look at your blog (I am ashamed to say). I really like the way it is laid out…I still haven’t come to terms with the blog part of my site. It seems a bit chaotic in layout compared to yours. I do love this collection of images…I have seen two of them before on APS but its a delight to view them again, I am particularly fond of the three buildings. Funny the way a good image will stick in the mind. Keep up the good work. Mike


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