Getting the Most From an Outing

On Sunday, ten of us went to Newtown.  It’s one of Sydney’s oldest suburbs and there is a lot to see. Typically, I go to such outings blind.  There’s no particular plan other than to take photographs and enjoy the company.  And that means I usually come back with a rag-tag collection of shots that does little to inspire.

This lot is a good example.  There are many more in the same vein.  Now comes the challenge.  What can I make of them?  Sometimes the answer is “precious little”.  Or I lose interest and move on.

But there’s always some sort of creative solution.  And that’s what I’ll be looking for.  I’m sticking my neck out here.  These shots are just as I took them; untouched by Photoshop.  There’s a bit to do but I will report back one way or the other.

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