Take another look

Room with a view shot

A couple of weeks ago, NCP had a workshop on Evaluating Images.  I got a lot out of it and had a second look at the image above. Some key criteria from the workshop jumped out.  Things like Expressive Language and Simplification, Perspective and Texture. From that, the following image emerged.

Room with a View 4

The mind works in mysterious ways but it needs stimulus. I believe I found a mood and a story that hadn’t occurred to me prior to that workshop. I was pretty happy and so too was the judge at our July competition.

2 thoughts on “Take another look

  1. Hi John, What you have done here works really well and I too love the result you achieved.. An Evaluating Images workshop is a great topic…one I will suggest to PCC. I often revaluate old images but without the benefit of a workshop and I am sure putting a structure around my thoughts would add a lot of value.

    I have recently got involved in Macro and I’m loving it…cant wait for summer when the bugs are more prolific. Lots to learn though. Best regards, Mike Maher


  2. Thanks Mike,
    Our workshop was based on the work of Prof. Des Crawley who I presume you know. Our facilitator for the day was Susan Buchanan, also well known in camera club circles and former President of NCP.
    I too enjoy the occasional dabble in macro. If you look back a bit, I posted an item on my pursuit of bees in flight. Regards, John


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