The Hollywood Paradox

Riding around the streets of Hollywood in an open air bus on a bright sunny day is a pleasant way to spend an hour or so. Add in an entertaining commentator and you’re well set up to visit the stars.  Except that you don’t.

Their names are set into the pavement; hundreds and hundreds of them.  You’ll also see the shops they visit.  They’re the ones that aren’t open.  For these you need an appointment and a huge credit limit.  Up hill and down dale our bus trundled.  “Behind that wall lives (insert name of someone you aren’t too sure you’ve heard of),” says our well informed guide.  “Over there, that security guard is screening visitors to (insert another name).”

What you actually see in Hollywood is all the other tourists.  Examining the names on the pavement, peering into the closed stores and waving gaily to those of us who were taken for a ride on a bright sunny day.

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