By the sea

Everything on the Monterey Peninsula is by the sea.  But the town of Carmel even included the phrase in its official name just to emphasize the fact. Interesting shops, nice people and a generally smart appearance all make Carmel By the Sea well worth a visit.

Just out of Carmel is the ’17 Mile Drive’ which takes you back along the rugged coastline and past some of golf’s best known courses. But it can be bleak.  Even in mid-Summer, the ubiquitous marine layer chills the air. Then strong coastal winds come and clear the mist but do absolutely nothing to assist one’s golf game.

The famous ‘Lone Cypress’ must be the most photographed tree in the world.  It can be seen from several points on the Pebble Beach golf course and from lookouts along the 17 Mile Drive. It’s the registered logo for Pebble Beach and is walled, staked and tied in order to ensure its already long life of 250 years continues for a few more.

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