A Weekend in Portland

Multnomah Falls 3 copyPortland Oregon is best avoided on a Summer weekend. The nice things to see are full to overflowing with visitors. Washington Park for instance was gridlocked. You could park a couple of miles away and get a shuttle back.  But then who wants to walk around a 400 acre park? Multnomah Falls was the same.  But this time I did hike a half mile in and out to get a glimpse.

So that left the things that aren’t so nice to see. Drug taking and homelessness seem to be just a little more prevalent in the US. It’s all in plain sight. On the tram into the city were guys calling their dealers, popping pills and generally scaring the blank out of us.

Loud Guy on Tram copy Homeless copy Homeless 2 copy

Camera World copyThe other thing I noticed throughout our trip is the apparent demise of the DSLR camera. So much so that camera shops can be hard to find. The only one I saw in downtown Portland had closed down. Of course America’s a big place so it will be a while before the B&H’s of this world close as well. But the trend seems to be there.

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