Getting around Seattle

A combination of walking, Uber, train and bus gets you around town comfortably. The underground system uses both trains and buses on the same roads. The art deco stations are worth a second look. And, from the middle of town you can take the monorail out to the Space Needle.


The icons (like the Space Needle) are too crowded at this time of year. But there are plenty of other attractions not so busy. Take the EMP Museum for instance; one of those projects that philanthropist Paul Allen founded. The building is a fascinating Frank Gehry creation whose metal skin changes hue throughout the day. Then you come across amusing artworks in parks and even a glass blowing workshop as I meandered along the streets.

Pikes Market is also fascinating with many small eateries famous for their chowder, crab, delicatessen products and baked goods. There’s also a wide range of fruit and vegetables, boutiques, bric-a-brac plus the original Starbucks store where it seems the whole World is waiting to get in. But, if you just go with the flow, you can still have a good time.