Seattle at last…

Seattle Skyline copy

We’ve reached the end of the self-driving part of our trip. LA, along the west coast and on up to Seattle is around 2,000kms. I was happy to hand the car in and will now leave it to someone else to do the driving.

City tours are a good, and quick, way to learn about a new place. The Space Needle dominates the Seattle skyline of course. But you also learn about daily life and industry as you drive past attractive town squares and along gaily decorated city streets. You also get to appreciate the scale of industry in the US.  Seattle is the longtime home of Boeing, Nordstrom and Starbucks. e-Bay is about to move in. And Microsoft founders Paul Allen and Bill Gates both live here. The consequence of that is the many signs of philanthropy and citywide benevolence.

It’s also a happy place and I’m looking forward to seeing more.